From high-end machines to the elderly: sharp phone in the history of China five years fall

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In late November 2012, sharp executives because of huge losses, cooperation with Hon Hai put on hold. It has also led to Hon Hai plans to launch high-end smartphones in China cannot continue. Once dominated the high-end mobile phone market the three, were numerous white-collar women obsessed with sharp, has downsized to 3-5 phone output, prices fell below 2000.

In the Palm of parallel imports

Earlier this year, Japan works of animation, film and television across the country, will also own a Japanese mobile phone culture spreads in the country. At that time the mobile phone industry “tide” trend is dominated by Nokia, Symbian and Dopod Windows Phone System leading to the Smartphone. Numerous mobile phone Forum, teach you how to play smart phones: how to Flash, how to hack. Seems to want to keep up with the trend must be toward technology development and research skills.

While the Japanese mobile phone avoiding this way, high resolution screen and high quality video effect, and though not intelligent built-in functions, settings, intimate system dominated play, plus the classic clamshell design, attracted a lot of fans in the country to pursue.

But at the beginning of 2008 after Kyocera to abandon the Chinese market, Taiwan can not Japan handset vendors exist. To in domestic using Japan by produced of phone is very difficult of: Japan phone has phone lock, non-Japan telecommunications operators of SIM card is cannot using of, and bent on wants to with Japan phone of people invention has “card posted”, to will domestic telecommunications business of SIM card to camouflage into Japan telecommunications business of SIM card, cheat have machine activated communications function, but card posted is not very stable, often will appeared “circle outside”, must will SIM card insert a general phone within back signal again into Japan phone in again using, This led to playing Japan phone standing two phones, find signals that was jokingly referred to as “nanny”; plus Japan mobile phone without Chinese fonts, not input, display Chinese characters correctly, leading to send text messages if you want to use only letters, some people joke that uses Japan mobile phone at that time English by leaps and bounds.

Just hard to use the soil of Japan mobile phone when years occupied Japan mobile phone market from sharp, decided to enter China.

2008: blockbuster

Rumored as early as in early 08 sharp tailored for Softbank in Japan sales of highly 920SH, 923SH, produced after system finished, planning to sell in China. Sharp’s high mean, anyway, the two phones have been completed, test the water in the Chinese market. To sell out just to make a buck, watch sales and then deployed in the development strategy of China’s mobile phone market; if you can’t sell, there will not be too much damage, deal not to bite this hard-soft-hard cake of the Chinese market. But they did not expect is that the phones can be sold so the fire.

In the case of China’s mobile phone market is not doing well work, in June 08, 920SH prototype for non-smartphones launched 9010C to be sharp to play out in nature 4800 Yuan in price. At the counter of a Dixon in Shanghai make first sharp on mainstream mobile phones, consumers at 5600 Yuan price quickly “taken.”

If this case does not let you experience sharp sales, then the prototype launched in October 08 923SH-9020C, listed for less than 5000 Yuan, but in sales a year later, the price had risen to more than 5200. This general rule is the only electronic products will depreciate over time, could be said to shock.

Then only four people responsible for sharp mobile phone operations in China, 27-storey marine building not far in the Shanghai Municipal Government, they kick to almost work overtime every day late into the night. To receive calls from dealers across the country require replenishment from time to time, at the beginning with limited resources into the domestic market channels, even the store using the flyer is going to use sharp LCD postal channels to send. Time for these people, it is of a long happy.

The meaning of happiness, low manufacturing costs and high don’t worry about selling price, resulting in a sharp’s high gross profit margins to an alarming. And sharp mobile phones fill the blank of Chinese mobile market at the time, that’s living in one or two lines of urban white-collar workers, they do not have much time to study how the Smartphone, cleaning machine, take out the urgent need of a stylish, comfort will not lose face “easy phone”. Average price of four thousand or five thousand, also made sharp mobile phone fashion crowd recognized high-end brands.

Then at the end of 08, sharp almost Japan simultaneous sale of 8 million pixels camera 1810C to light up when the pride of performance. 08, sharp makes people feel the Flip Rotate elegant styling, it is proud of the AQUOS HD LCD screens and HD video. And high end elegance of authentic Japanese descent brand image, resulting in the Beijing-Shanghai-Guangzhou, then after the phone call that a clear and gaiyin will make many people look askance.

2009: ambitious

Not expecting that first shot so brilliant sharp quickly began to actively respond to China’s market, after analyzing their selling point is after the hardware and brand image, launched in July 09 9120C, 6110C series use the mediatek MTK models of mobile solutions. MTK is at that time most of the hundreds of Yuan’s shanzhai mobile solutions, sharp with his brand sell these low-cost machines to high-end price of two thousand or three thousand Yuan. While sharp is to fill the midrange handset market share in the country, but did not focus on human OSE system, shrank by sharp features of LCD led sharp complaints from users, this diluted costs have tried in vain to sell overpriced business philosophy is not a major brand attitude.

As sharp’s mobile facilities construction, sharp’s after-sales 09 and was gradually covered the whole country, as extra sharp mobile resources official website “sharp の blessing bags” was launched in the year, sharp hiring ambitious look at China’s mobile phone market the rich cake. August spent heavily in more than 10 cities across the country on brand road show, and aired in the same month by Liu endorsement of 9110c, 9120c, 9130c, TV advertising in December and carried out a nationwide three-month winter exhibition of interactive experiences, do enough content for brand promotion.

09 of October, Sharpe had a face-to-face with the home fans at the Shanghai exchange, sharp intelligence Communications Department General Manager yan Cheng Chun first Japan senior with sharp in Japan visit with his new machine, would like to ask what Chinese consumers like sharp, want sharp division in China to launch the kind of machine. When fans say wants to follow Japan launched the same shrink the screen and system, Japan top focus is after listening to look at ways to address the cost and conflict between Maori.

After this meeting, self-organized to Typhoon chatting to fans, when they took out their phones are going to take a sharp photo when a fan is embarrassed of myself only with a cell phone, a brand called Apple, the model is the latest 3Gs.

2010: dazed look

Back in 08 domestic communications show, has just stepped into the sharp booth in China only three handsets, to avoid monotony product line, had to leave three mobile phone use, put by various colours and the opening and closing lid shape. And at 10 years, sharp has been in the domestic high-end market distribution in low, and there are lots of styles: the main swirl screen 9, slip cover 8-series, the main twist screen of the 7-series, main-tip-caps 6-series, the main camera 1 and in cooperation with the telecommunication operators to launch the contract.

In accordance with the concept of mobile phone manufacturers, sea tactics is to seize the consumer market of the most powerful guarantee. Although still cannot escape the shrinking screen and MTK bargains, which are criticized by consumers, but across the distribution strategy or make sharp relief many, managed to account for the Chinese market, so many models there is a will for you.

This concept in the Nokia to dominate when not many people think there is nothing wrong, until 10 June, Apple’s iPhone4 was released, jobs to prove to people, doing a phone can be.

Above said the advantages of sharp, we can take it out and Apple comparison:

Juicy Couture iPhone 5 Case Leopard Head Red

1. sharp is the pure design of the mechanical keyboard and clamshell design. At this point keyboard touch screen Apple led on the concept, though perfectly are two almost opposite design concepts, but at this moment we cannot say who will design more attractive to consumers;

2. Sharp AQUOS LCD screens are so proud, in 08 9010C 480*854 screen resolution may come as a shock, but it wasn’t until 10 and without too much progress even in the domestic product shrinks a lot of OEM screen compared with the Apple Retina Imaging 960*640 no advantage at all;

3. MTK, have no need for comparison with iOS.

Sharp and Apple may do comparison seems a bit boring, the year Apple beat out too many cell phone manufacturers. Apple cell phone manufacturers know consumers what kind of cell phone, consumers do not care how much your hardware run, they just want a good display effect, focus on fun instead of brush to make the system every day. Apple also seems to be the piece of sharp market share taken away from me. This year, all mobile phone manufacturers are thinking about Apple succeed where?

Sharp thinking was, Oh, my lack of smart phones.

Sharp in when November, and innovation workshop cooperation launched has first carrying snack OS of intelligent phone SH8118U and SH8128U, snack OS is to Android for prototype of, Android is based on touch screen for mutual make way by design of system, how let to mechanical keyboard for features of sharp can using this sets system, snack team in will system and keyboard operation of problem Shang spent has huge of human material.

2011: full of tricks

March 11 sharp with good sales and launched a second batch of carrying snacks OS smartphone. This good reputation in the industry, and also makes a lot of domestic mobile phone manufacturers to snack through the Prestige during the transition.

Sharp is also active in the country for a variety of new models attempt to include memory screen phones, solar-powered mobile phone, and May 11, blockbuster introduced glasses-free 3D Smartphone. Sharp is relying on its own technological advantages make mobile phone stunt, memory screen utility is small, and the so-called solar charging is better than nothing. As well as Nintendo’s 3DS, glasses-free 3D on such a small screen viewing and not much Visual enjoyment, coupled with lack of 3D resources, these special features sales of mobile phones and not much improvement. Juicy iPhone 5 case

But these attempts are brave and commendable, sharp is the first in the world to be the combination of mobile phone and camera company, which at the time did not make a case for why a communication tools need to be photographed. But camera is now the mainstream mobile phone standard.

Subsequently Sharpe catching courageously, even in good faith in the domestic release Japan SH8298U the prototype, but now the domestic market is not hot then itself not to shrink, and even Japan markets were dominated by iPhone case, sharp felt good.

2012: neglect

This year, Apple still fire, stolen Apple by Samsung with S3 followed the fire. Nokia to go for broke with the Microsoft is betting on the LUMIA920. Dopod back to HTC, nets, and is currently in a period of confusion. At least, they are on a cellphone to find the way out. Juicy Couture iPhone case

Sharp loss of more than 300 billion yen in the first half, let the whole company was busy trying to incorporate redundancy. For LCD television as the main product of the Chinese market, bet was for a decent mobile phone business has been taking. Hon Hai’s mobile phone business to fencing, earlier this year to the Datang to sell the phone there are different.

Hon Hai make full use of its cost advantage, low cost mobile phone. And labeled as “Sharp” the former high-end brand labels to improve gross margins. The suicide of resting on its laurels will only lead to sharp domestic brand image plummeted. However, sharp is its nearly bankrupt status is not taken into account.

In the Diaoyu Islands incident after deteriorating for Japanese products, sharp Smartphone cooperation agreement with Hon Hai was forced to terminate due to their financial problems. Cell phone store sharp counter has in the past year by OPPO by mimicking sharp styling began occupied with domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and business is booming. Was moved to the corner of the sharp mobile phone has price has dropped to about thousands or even hundreds of Yuan, and after sales guarantee problem few people of interest.

I have a taxi driver found the sharp SH7218U, this is called a happy Lantern Festival outside light, in nightclubs is Bo eye “tide”. Driver said, it is his daughter iPhone4s weeding machines, he felt the screen is big enough, press, for his people with presbyopia “old man”. Taxi stuck in on the Royal Park loop, many people took out the phone play within those Windows, can’t seem to see flip phone shadow.

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